Selected projects and work samples:

Open Transit Data Toolkit
A website comprised of tutorials and other resources to help people learn how to use transit data. Lessons include finding transit data, data wrangling, and mapping transit data using R.

User experience designer and product owner for an iOS app to promote good habits and track behaviors.
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User experience designer and content developer for the online training section of the NYC Parks Department’s 2015 tree census. Every ten years, the census identifies and records all the trees found on the streets of New York City’s five boroughs. This project was in collaboration with TreeKit and Azavea.
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Codestreet Dealer Pool
Lead user experience designer on a trading application for sell-side bond traders. Samples upon request.

American Express Vacations
Lead user experience designer on the travel ecommerce site, American Express Vacations. Work included creating designs for the complete search to purchase process, paid search product pages, and a Villas rental offering.
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Museum of the Phantom City
Technology consultant and web developer for a location-based mobile app and website documenting unbuilt proposals of architecture.
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Fashion Ecommerce Monogram Tool
Sample annotated wireframe for a custom monogram tool for a fashion ecommerce website.
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For other projects, please contact me.