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Best Movie Every Year Since You’ve Been Born.

Image source: Wikipedia entries Diva, She’s The Man, and Safe. There is a music album meme circulating blogs where people cite the best album for every year they were born. I took a different tack and did movies. Some of … Continue reading

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Fashionable Ethics.

Image sources:, nytimes. Not the freshest topic, but worth recording, Vogue India’s August’s spread has a 16 page of photo editorial with average India people wearing luxury accessories. What’s the issue with average?  When 465 million of 1.1 billion … Continue reading

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I hate Santa, bunnies, and spring.

Last weekend, I caught up with Brian, an architect, for breakfast and our usual discussion of Japanese design and culture v. the US. Japan usual wins, and I end up with an urge to visit Tokyo. Afterward, we were both … Continue reading

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