Two takes on dancing

I’m not watching the various dancing reality shows (just not my thing,) although, a lot of people seem to be. However, here are two music videos that feature some breath taking dancing.

Many, if not most, music videos have dancing. Duffy and Gnarls Barkley both just take it another level, in completely different ways. Mercy, by Duffy, has dancers, gliding as if on ice, demonstrating the epitome of smooth. Going On is manic and jittery, like someone moved by the Holy Spirit. I could both of these video multiple times in a row. Oh… wait, I already did.

I guess Spring is really here. I can’t seem to focus on writing up any “big” ideas, but I am definitely finding inspiring things everywhere, which definitely feels like a Spring attitude. Now, that I’ve said this… I will throw out that idea that, since we all know that MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore, we must be thankful for youtube. Online video isn’t just a substitute, but an improvement on watching music vids. On-demand video sharing is a much more effective model for distributing music videos, which in the end have their beginnings as advertisements for the music, like trailers for movies.

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