The New Break

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I’ve been busy helping organize a workshop, which means of course less time for blogging. But I’ve noticed that in the midst of long 3 hour planning sessions, we take breaks to check email. We also got a request from one of the people we’re recruiting to help us to insure that there would be time for email breaks.

It would seem that email breaks are the new cigarette break. While the latter causes lung cancer and the former doesn’t, it is still a vice. Our need for continuous connectivity and up to the second status reports makes the act of unplugging just as unnerving for many as nicotine withdraw.

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3 Responses to The New Break

  1. Noah Brier says:

    Nice though. I like that.

  2. That ad reminds me of a Worth1000 contest where they ask you to make a fake ad that you could never see today.

  3. Frank Pasq says:

    I would really like software that only permitted me to check email in 10 minute windows, once every two hours or so. I suppose one could get a similar effect by imposing on oneself a verylongpasswordlikethisone, but sometimes you urgently need to logon and out quickly.

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