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A Fork In the Browser Road

Image source: flickr Well, the internet is buzzing with the discussions and reviews of Google’s recently release browser, Chrome. Nick Carr has some good thoughts on the subject, his key take aways: “To Google, the browser has become a weak … Continue reading

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The New Break

Image source: flickr I’ve been busy helping organize a workshop, which means of course less time for blogging. But I’ve noticed that in the midst of long 3 hour planning sessions, we take breaks to check email. We also got … Continue reading

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My network is worth $1,195,537

I guess that is something to be thankful for the day before Thanksgiving. Gigaom is linking to an Xing site, which calculates the value of your network. Mine is over a million dollars. You enter in some demographic information and … Continue reading

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Managing social networks

I attended a very good discussion at MobileCamp on Mobile Social Networks, which was run by Keith Erskine of padpaw. We ended up talking a lot about facebook, which seemed to be on a lot of people’s mind. When talking … Continue reading

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How do you spend your work day?

Two nice work office related new items hit recently about what people who at work when their not working. The first one tries to estimate the cost of playing fantasy football during the work day. Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc … Continue reading

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Keys to the Kingdom

Although I didn’t invent this correlation, I am highly amused with the idea that the number of keys someone carries is a function on his or her power. People who lack power own few or no keys. Extremely powerful people … Continue reading

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Being (not so) prepared

I’ve been posting a lot on the massiveness of the attempts to re-direct telecom infrastructure in positive ways. The macro problem is basically how to tackle large scale problems and change conventional ways of thinking, which led to the question, … Continue reading

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What a waste of time.

New York Times reportor, Lisa Belkin, tries to justify “wasted time” at work in her Life’s Work column. She cites a study by Microsoft on productivity in the workplace. Microsoft found that out of the average 45 hour work week, … Continue reading

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Marriage training at work.

Learning how to get along. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal had an article entitled, “ Working on your Marriage — at work. It describes how a growing number companies offer marriage training (which apperently is different from counseling) because they … Continue reading

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Jobs As Seen On TV: Ugly Betty and Sonny Crockett’s take home pay.

In the 80s, on the Cosby Show, the Huxtable’s Brooklyn Heights brownstone was a realistic home for an OB/GYN (Heathcliff) and lawyer (Claire), especially because it pre-dated the New York housing boom of the last ten years. On the other … Continue reading

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