NY Times Speical Edition parody

Walking out of the C/E Spring Street stop, I got a “free NY Times” from a guy passing them out to riders leaving the station. I sort of knew something was up because it was a lot thinner than normal. Another clue is that it’s dated July 4, 2009, and full of articles talking about a future, where Gitmo is closing, oil companies are nationalized, and the National Health Insurance Act passes.

Here’s a screenshot of the site, nytimes-se.com, which has slow downloads times. A lot of people seem to be hitting the site, whose owner looks like a pseduonym, Ginsu and Treadmill Technologies?¬† I must admit that they did a good job mimicking the paper and web versions.


I leared from Trebor Scholz‘s, that the prankster activists group, the Yes Men are somehow involved, and have posted some video, which I can’t see because¬† I’m guessing the servers are still being overwhelmed with data requests.

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