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March is the month of magazines

Image source: and When March rolls around each year, fashion magazines present their Spring/ Summer fashion issues. This usually means issues of a US-published magazine such as Vogue are hundreds of pages thicker than others times of the … Continue reading

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Pay what you want Radiohead album (the REMIX)

So, I downloaded the album, which I paid $USD6. Frankly, for what is being reported as the death of the record label, it was a little anti-climatic. That is, I paid for a album over the internet that I could … Continue reading

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Pay what you want Radiohead album

Image source: In Rainbows Way back in 1999, Public Enemy released “There’s a Poison Goin’ On” only on the internet, with indie label Atomic Pop. After sluggish sales, they eventually sold a CD version as well. I applauded PE for … Continue reading

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The Bourne Redundancy

Image source: Currently, a campaign for the new book in the Jason Bourne series is plastered on many of New York’s subways. The timing of course coincides with the latest movie of the third novel starring Matt Damon. As … Continue reading

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Day 3

I’m on Day 3 of a trip to San Francisco for work. I haven’t been in downtown San Francisco in almost ten years. I’ll write more very soon, but here is a tidbit to keep the blog posts flowing. It … Continue reading

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Blink of an eye

Image source: heroswiki I love this study that NBC did, looking to see if people remember anything about the commercials they skim over then they fast forward them using their DVR. They used vests with sensors to record physiological data … Continue reading

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