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Why Are Comedians Providing The Most Relevant Journalism?

We’re in the final stretch of a long presidential campaign, which is a watershed election for many reasons. The more obvious having to do with the race and gender of the candidates. However, there are lesser ones which are important … Continue reading

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warhol’s still here.

Video Source: I was in Pittsburgh a few weekends ago, and finally made it to the Warhol Museum. Regardless if you like his aesthetics, Warhol’s influence on post-modern culture is unquestionable. Our current ideas of celebrity, selling out, authenticity, … Continue reading

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March onward for media consolidation continues…

Kevin Martin, chairman of the FCC just released a plan proposing to allow for more consolidation of the media industry, by relaxing the rules governing media ownership. The biggest move would be to remove the prohibition of owning a newspaper … Continue reading

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Univision beats out the networks.

Quick tidbit from media bistro, via Nielsen has started combining Hispanic station rating with the English-speaking ones. Spanish language channel Univision beat out all five networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW) in its first week as combined. I’m … Continue reading

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A little cross posting: flow article on Kevin Martin and the FCC

Image source: I got a little behind writing here the last week, because my spare time writing was taken up by finishing my flow column on Kevin Martin, the chairperson of the FCC. It’s up, so I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Blink of an eye

Image source: heroswiki I love this study that NBC did, looking to see if people remember anything about the commercials they skim over then they fast forward them using their DVR. They used vests with sensors to record physiological data … Continue reading

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Digital Television: who’s ready?

image source: marcelstvmuseum I admit that I watch very little television on a traditional set. Most of my viewing is on my laptop, via WebTV or DVD. However, millions of people in the US do watch on traditional sets. On … Continue reading

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