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Museum of the Phantom City Redux

The fine folks at Urban Omnibus and WNYC are hosting a meet up at Bryant Park this Saturday to explore New York’s unbuilt future from the past with the project I worked on: Museum of the Phantom City. Details below… … Continue reading

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Big Brother, Meet LittleSis

My friend Eddie Tejeda, has been working on an awesome site called, “LittleSis” which is an “unvoluntary Facebook for powerful Americans.” The relationships of politicians, their donors, CEOs, lobbyists, non-profit directors are made transparent through a combination of crowdsourced labor … Continue reading

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(almost) 19 in 1991

I just made a muxtape. And actually, I turned 19 in 1992, but “19 in 1991” made better copy. In any event, 1991 was a pretty influential year. I graduated high school and started college at CMU. Back then, music … Continue reading

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Ingredients for a comeback: Carly Simon

Image source: Wikipedia This is going to be slightly off topic, so you’ve been warned. Carly Simon seems to be bubbling up into pop culture consciousness, even without being included on a Quentin Tarantino/ Wes Anderson film soundtrack. Her controversial … Continue reading

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6.6 degrees of seperation

Frank pointed out some clever research at Microsoft Research. Eric Horvitz and Jure Leskovec parsed through one month of MSN messenger communication, or about 1 billion conversations a day. Among the 240 million users, they discovered an average of 6.6 … Continue reading

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the frequency of a word: Awesomeness

Figure 1. Frequency from 2/2004 to 2/2008 Figure 2. Frequency from 4/2005 to 2/2008 Every once in a while, I get the inclination to try to do a little math. It’s a dangerous endeavor, but sometimes I can’t help myself. … Continue reading

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Regional social networks

I have IM accounts on AIM, iChat, Yahoo, MSN, Gmail and Skype. (Years ago, I once used ICQ and IRC.) I always find it interesting, how certain services are popular in specific countries. AIM is most popular in the US, … Continue reading

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Linking as a gesture of kindness.

Image source: flickr David Weinberger gave a description of a link in a panel last year at the Hyperlinked Society Conference. A link is a conscious act of generosity. These acts is moral, and they form the architecture of the … Continue reading

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Fidelity in Facebook.

Image source: USGS Yesterday, Facebook was frequently mentioned at the Symposium on Reputation Economies in Cyberspace conference, but I’m trying to figure out what is the value my Facebook network. For a free service, Facebook is getting expensive. Not just … Continue reading

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Verizon set to open their wireless network in 2008.

Things just got really interesting in the mobile / wireless world. Verizon announced that they will over two categories of service by the end of 2008. One will continue to be its bundled handset service, and the other will be … Continue reading

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