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Totally out of order, but the January Gowanus Grassroot Mapping pictures

On a freezing 11 degree day, (January 22, 2011 to be precise) the Gowanus Grassroot Mapping crew hiked out to Gowanus Canal to document the Superfund site. These balloons were made out of Mylar emergency blankets, and filled with helium … Continue reading

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More grassroots mapping on the Gowanus…

I’m admittedly way behind on my grassroots mapping updates… but here some more photos from our grassroots mapping excursions. In our March 27th excursion, we also got immensely helpful assistance from Charles Stewart, who is a kite enthusiast / expert … Continue reading

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What I did today: Grassroots Mapping

Today, I worked with Jeff Warren, long time friend Liz Barry, and students from Parsons and the New School on Grassroots Mapping. With what amounts to DIY Satellite Imaging, a camera was attached to Mylar balloons, which was tied to … Continue reading

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8-bit + Interactive Map of NYC = <3

Brett Camper made a wonderful interactive map of New York with 8-bit graphics. (Thanks Vanessa!)

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US Census Maps Participation Results

I hope that everyone’s mailed back their 2010 US Census forms, which are due April 1, National Census Day. While it’s a rather arcane approach to studying people’s location, it is still important because of its scale, use to allocate … Continue reading

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Museum of the Phantom City Redux

The fine folks at Urban Omnibus and WNYC are hosting a meet up at Bryant Park this Saturday to explore New York’s unbuilt future from the past with the project I worked on: Museum of the Phantom City. Details below… … Continue reading

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Launched… Museum of the Phantom City

The Museum of the Phantom City launched, which invites people to interact with unbuilt architectural proposals through an iPhone app and website. The project plays with some interesting ideas about location (obviously) but also of how designers in the past … Continue reading

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Totally Late Post On A Post-Election Reflections

On November 5th, I noted an important turning point in my media, among all the celebration of electing Barack Obama. I didn’t watch any of the TV coverage on election night. I just had a few websites open to track … Continue reading

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Awesome People I Met/Saw At The New York Art Book Fair

I finally made it to the New York Art Book Fair after being out of town last year. I think I learned about the first one a couple of days after it ended, which is quite typical for me.  In … Continue reading

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